Poster Board Royal Brites

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Poster Board by Royal Brites is a quality display board made in the USA. Royal Brites Poster Board is coated 2 sides with a special coating that makes it fade and water resistant. This means longer time in the sun will not make the writing fade and when it rains on it, the ink will not smudge.
Royal Brites 2 Cool Colors Poster Board, is a patented, unique product with a different color on each side, oferring two products in one, saving retail space and bringing more value to customers,
Geographics Australia is the unique distributor of Royal Brites Poster Board.

Use Poster Board for indoor and outdoor signs and signage, school projects, arts and crafts projects, announcements, POS sale and yard signs, direction posters, etc. Now, you can print your signs and school projects for free with - EZ Poster Print!

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